Welcome to Digital demigods!

I’m Jamie Macpherson. I’m a visionary artist, tattoo artist, and illustrator and have been drawing and painting all my life and tattooing since 1999. I am currently tattooing in Burnaby, BC Canada at one of the best tattoo shops in the world, Dutchman Tattoos.
The tattoo world has allowed me to make art as a living and taught me so much about culture and art history. It has also allowed me to travel around the world and work with lots of like minded artists, mentors and meet some of the world’s best tattooers in their tattoo studios. I specialize in Japanese style tattoos which are usually all done on a large scale and am working towards more full bodysuits.


filip-leu-2013-83art-fusion-101In Switzerland with Filip Leu


Tattooing with good friend Ishi Illsynapse from Nagoya Japan

  Tattooing legendary Johan from art Cannes tattoo in Cannes France

  Tattooing art sion owner and tattooist Mr. Animal in Valais Switzerland

  Hanging with good friend Kurt Wiscombe in Winnipeg


collaboration with Jesse Dicey at Dutchman Tattoos BC Canada

  Cuban tattoo master Leo canosa

Drawing with Filip
  Getting a tattoo from Kurt Wiscombe in Winnipeg

Hanging out in Geneva with Christian Nguyen and cicile
  The family Rebbi aya and Charlie
Goofing off with Luke Brown and Filip in Switzerland


Tattooing with Graham Ens   Tattooing spawn in Portugal   Getting tattooed by Filip Leu

 My daughter aya at her first tattoo convention 975029_10151385962375938_129990886_n

 Katori Shinto Ryu demo
 Jamming with Nelson punk rock group Les Taberfucks


With my digital art and surreal paintings, I’ve been working on a series of Therianthropes and sacred math based artworks in multiple mediums, from digital, oil on canvas, even silk screens on t-shirts.  From years of studying art history through tattooing and reference research of visionary art, surreal art, psychedlic art, sacred geometry, symbols and mystical art I am unifying cultural themes, masks, beings even symbols to show that we are all telling the same complex story.   I have been especially interested in our ancestors and their ancient wisdom traditions, building complex structures that cannot be explained with modern methods, and the idea that maybe we were more technologically advanced than the history books have led us to believe.

If you are living in or just visiting Vancouver, bc, Canada, come to my tattoo studio for a visit even if just to check out our art gallery, or say hi!

I hope my art will inspire others to think outside the box and hopefully see we’re all in this together in the big picture we call human history!


here’s some pics of works by Jamie Macpherson from all over the globe:
177296_10151058588705178_57117213_o  298490_3175181397182_739299559_n  Vancouver Canada


Portugual Lisbon


Cannes France

       420779_10151058136691828_276367781_n 538870_10152106074565704_1784854684_n295317_157662697742171_1441754710_n Saudi Arabia

539776_368076149989798_2112951682_n 539776_368076153323131_2111659797_n 539776_368076156656464_789714733_n 544157_574195835925633_477825403_n 553023_386824508114962_2020303325_n 555944_10151322448580938_929679401_n 602601_157662737742167_1370338664_n India620654_10151055307875770_1351556093_o 892920_608100172561370_1512261848_o 894477_676173812394501_1655587871_o 901451_3943487484354_2052011946_o 902024_584681051543778_712019351_o 906753_526927520678636_695680659_o 944290_628918910453325_2010155241_n 969121_453708311389203_1949030520_n 993073_10151723078848809_1808760153_n 1011363_524760027589838_1556960553_n 1014551_327662947364452_1487309157_o 1052713_328558133941600_1922986435_o 1069345_524759914256516_908623036_n Russia1265646_368076146656465_133644260_o 1265646_368076159989797_771201444_o 1278063_611512598908127_748206552_o 1381309_10200839082889588_1220317701_n 1383824_612606085465445_1134678202_n India1394154_608100172561370_1512261848_n 1455893_387215688075844_451823079_n


  1. Thanks so much for popping by and for the follow! I’ve browsed through your work and it’s amazing! You’re very talented! “We’re all in this together!”…I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  2. I noticed you came by place (blog) and liked it. Thank you! I browsed a bit here as well and I agree with your observation that we are all telling or trying to tell the same story – and the words get in the way. Our ego’s think we are saying something profound but we are really only passing on a truth. For me, that truth is that love is the only law in the universe – and with that in mind we are all brothers /sisters – in it together!

    Thank you for listening to my story!!! I gotta keep in perspective that we are all making it up as we go.

  3. Hey, great pieces with Sacred Geometry in then! I noticed some familiar patterns there! 🙂 You wouldn’t happen to use GeoKone.NET already? If not, check it out!

  4. Hello Jamie, You found the blog were I write about photography. Now that I know about you I will take the time to check out what you have do and have to say.
    Nice to be in contact.

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