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Fudomyoo by Jamie Macpherson 2019 17″x23″ sumi and watercolour on handmade Japanese washi paper $2000 BUY

get high quality canvas prints here:

XL canvas prints (115 cm x 172 cm (5’2″ long)

SOLD OUT!demigod1

SOLD OUT!!vajra1








M Print on canvas 65 cm x 95 cm (2′ 3″long)

SOLD OUT!!vajra1SOLD OUT!!vajra1

get clothing here:

SOLD OUT!!t-shirt-men-kapallavajraSOLD OUT!!t-shirt-long-sleeves-mahakala-

SOLD OUT!!t-shirt-men-mahakala-

SOLD OUT!!t-shirt-men-sleeveless-kapallavajra

SOLD OUT!!jacket-men-mahakala-

SOLD OUT!!abf23cf3fc0209574ac369530cea8a91.image.150x200

SOLD OUT!!f21e7ea3ede600eb56975593cdf977b1.image.726x550

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skin deep







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